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Discovering Your Worthiness by Lisa Nichols


Discovering Your Worthiness

by Lisa Nichols at

“I am a powerful being of possibility and today I declare unapologetically that I am stepping into my greatness.  I am allowing my light to shine.  No longer will it be a 79 watt light.  From today forward it will shine 159 watts.  Today I stand in my greatness.  I own my champion, I recognize my genius and I embrace my brilliance.  No longer will I dim my light so that others will not feel insecure in my presence.  No longer will I dim my light to make sure that I am acceptable.  No longer will I dim my light for fear of other peoples perception of me.  Today I embrace.  I get who I am and I own who I am.  I realize that dimming my light does not serve the planet.  That it is when I allow my light to shine brightly that I will illuminate the darkness that someone else may be sitting in.  That when I allow my light to shine brightly that in that expression of self love, someone else gets to experience the contagious being called me.  That when I give myself permission to let my light shine brightly that someone watching will do the same.  The way I have been liberated to this moment, its my job, my responsibility and its my pleasure to liberate someone else in their moment.  So today, in this moment, in this meditation, I declare my greatness.  I no longer shrink to fit in the small crevices of the world, I stand boldly and open the double doors.  You are such a champion, I am such a champion.  Sometimes my champion frightens even me.  But today I own it.  I own it.  I own it.  I am ready.  I am ready for such a time is this…I realize now that I don’t have to wait until I am perfect, that it is in my imperfection that I am perfect for this assignment…

I breath in the truth knowing that my future has nothing but breathtaking, life changing, beautiful experiences in it!”

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