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Health Is Key To Experiencing Life



“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” – Herophilus: Greek physician deemed to be the first anatomist


Mental, spiritual, and physical health is key to experiencing all aspects of life.  Today choose health so that you can experience life to its’ fullest.


Today, make a conscious effort to do at least one thing that is good for your mental health, one thing that is good for your spiritual health, and one thing that is good for your physical health.  The three of these are so interconnected that improving one will in turn improve the other.  An example of 3 things you can do for your health today; (mental) Tell yourself how beautiful you are today and feel those feelings of love towards yourself.  (spiritual) Spend some quiet time today connecting to the universes and your body by taking deep breaths with your eyes closed and let your mind slowly dissolve into the quiet stillness.  (physical) Choose to eat an additional serving of a whole food of your choice instead of a processed item.


These may all seem so simple and you might ask the question ‘How can that really change anything?’, but by consciously doing these things today, you are paving the way for success for these things tomorrow.  If you continue to do this you will soon find that you no longer have to consciously make these choices, but they naturally happen.  You will realize you have successfully changed your state of being and can use this positive energy for creating success and abundance in other areas of your life. 


Just like the reverse of the quote says, “When health is present, wisdom can reveal itself, art can manifest, strength can fight, wealth becomes useful, and intelligence can be applied.”


be healthy.

Lora Louise

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