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Rise UP

It is time for a new generation of people to rise up from the ashes of broken homes, abuse, and chronic depression, constantly searching for the next high to bring us to a place of mediocrity that we can stand until our next breakdown.  It is time for a younger generation to walk away from the constant need for approval and vanity that only perpetuates the cycle of our inner lack of self-love and loneliness.  It is time for a bolder generation to lead the way into undiscovered territory where only a few get to experience a glimpse of the magnificence and possibilities that exists there.  It is time for change.


It is time we become responsible for our lives and where we are financially, spiritually, and mentally, and with the most gentle, loving kindness we can muster, let us begin to take control of our minds and our ability to create and make the positive changes necessary to live the lives we secretly have always wanted.  It is time we become bold in our demonstration of self-love.  And it is time we dream bigger than we ever thought possible.


It is time to stop settling for an unfulfilling life and powerfully press forward as the authentic and magnificent being you are.  With commitment and faith, decide to live passionately, present in every moment with gratitude, simplicity and fearlessness, taking a stand for love, peace, hope, goodness, and gratefulness today.  Choose to focus on your time and making the most of it spending it with those you love and admire today, leaving a beautiful legacy.  Choose to focus on your health so that you can be vibrant and fully adore your life and following your bliss today.  And choose to focus on your happiness and experiencing joy in each moment so that you can be the best example of what it means to live an extraordinary life.


Let us become a group of people genuinely happy with our lives and confidently in love with ourselves.  Let us be a FLARE, an extremely bright burning light, guiding others on how to cultivate self-love, gratitude and happiness that the negative self-defeating victims of the world never knew was possible.  Let us be known for our whole hearted living for generations to come. 


Now is time to begin your adventure.  I stand with you in all your dreams.  I pray that every step of your journey will be met with loving kindness and support.  And I look forward to the day I can share in your success and true happiness.


Know that you are more than enough, that you have more than enough, and that life supports you in your best interest and your highest and greatest good today.  Walk in bold confidence of who you ARE today.


With all the love I possess in my being…

Lora Louise


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Green Island, Taiwan, 2015)


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